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, Gothenburg Sweden
(Gothenburg, Head Office)
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WCA Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program *
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Sweden Sweden
[ Gothenburg ]
[ Helsingborg ]
[ Stockholm ]
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Proudly Enrolled Since: Jul 24, 2017

Membership Expires: Jul 23, 2021

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NTEX is a Swedish, medium-sized transport and forwarding agent dedicated to making your transports safer, more secure and more convenient through flexibility, creativity and customer focus. Whether you utilize our services within sea freight, air freight, road transport or warehousing, you will be put in immediate contact with an experienced forwarding specialist who guides you through the entire process. Along the way, your contact will be happy to share advice and knowledge based on many years of experience. Core Values Our core values ​​are the backbone of everything we do and what defines NTEX, both as a company and a brand. Our core values have been part of the business from the start and will remain unchanged in the future. These are the seven C’s (seas) of NTEX: CHALLENGER We are not afraid to challenge our competition, ourselves, or the market in innovation, service level and development. COMMITTED NTEX as a company is committed to give excellent service to our customers. We even go as far as saying that we are passionate about it. CREATIVE We are willing to think different to solve our customers logistical challenges and thereby changing our organization and mindset. This develops the company and its employees. CURIOUS As a company, we are driven and motivated by interaction with people. CARING We treat people with respect inside as well as outside the organization. We care for the information and trust that customers and other stakeholders give us. CONSISTENT Our performance has to be on the same high-level day in and day out, all year round. Under promise and overachieve is our motto. COMMERCIAL Taking all of the above in mind we should always strive in strengthening our competitiveness and act carefully when we use the company resources.
Karrlyckegatan 11,
41878 Goteborg Sweden

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