Network Looks to Cape Town to host 4th Annual Conference

Despite doubts regarding Cape Town’s water crisis, the Global Affinity Alliance is proud to confirm that the location for its 4th Annual Conference will remain unchanged. Thanks to quick thinking lawmakers and the regions Hospitality Property Fund, the hotel venue has confirmed that the construction of desalination plants will make water a non-issue for the 300+ members planning to attend this year’s gathering. 

“We chose South Africa to host our 4th annual conference because it’s a diverse, attractive destination,” said Brian Majerus, Director of the Global Affinity Alliance. “We have the luxury, being a smaller group, of booking destinations where larger networks have trouble finding accommodations. Our ability to gather in fun, distinct regions is one of our networks greatest appeals.” 

The construction of desalination plants at the Westin Hotel will convert sea water into clean and purified drinkable water, used to supplement the existing water supply. The below is an excerpt from the Westin, Cape Town, explaining its plans further: 

The Western Cape region is currently experiencing a drought and understandably this is of concern. The Westin Cape Town, managed by Marriott International, a hotel being part of the Hospitality Property Fund, would like to alleviate these concerns. We are pleased to announce that we are finalizing the building of a Desalination Plant at the Hotel. The Plant will convert sea water into clean and purified drinkable water which we will use to supplement water supply. We are on track to activate the Plant in March 2018, with a reduction on our reliance on the Municipal Water Supply. The outcome is geared to limit the effect that any Municipal water rationing, which may commence later this year, could have on The Westin Cape Town and its guests.

The Westin Cape Town, as a team, have been proudly and actively implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce our water usage in the medium to long term. We can confirm that we are now saving on average 1,000,000 liters of water per month compared to same time last year and we continue to work, with all areas of our business, to challenge the water saving targets, with minimal impact to our guests’ experience. The Desalination Plant is one of many medium to long-term solutions we have implemented with the primary objective of supporting our community and securing our ability to provide the best possible guest experience.

Current Water Saving Initiatives:

All water saving initiatives will remain in place and we count on your support & understanding. These include:

  • Desalination Plant
  • Removal of bath plugs.
  • Water-free Ecolab hand sanitizers in public restrooms.
  • Reduction of water pressure in public restrooms.
  • The temporary closure of the Spa Steam Room.

Additional Information:

  • Our Harbour Deck outdoor pool remains open as we are using 100% non-potable water.

Be well, be Westin




Leon Meyer
General Manager