Three reasons to join the Global Affinity Alliance

The Global Affinity Alliance is the newest and most exciting and unique of global freight forwarder networks. New logistics companies looking to join a network should give first consideration to the GAA. There are three reasons that a company which is looking to join a global freight forwarder network should choose the GAA.

Reason one: Financial Protection.

Logistics companies in business who have not built up sufficient retained capital reserves are at risk from a global partner not paying their invoices. The Global Affinity Alliance offers protection of up to USD 50,000 between members of the GAA. Because of our affiliation with the World Cargo Alliance, GAA also offers protection of USD 10,000 for debts between a GAA member and a member of one of their general or specialty networks. GAA members can bid on larger opportunities knowing that the business they do with each other is guaranteed.

Reason two: Save money on cargo and business insurances.

Because of Global Affinity Alliance’s relationship with WCA, the largest global freight forwarding network of independent companies in the world (numbering more than five thousand offices in nearly one hundred and ninety countries), there is aggregated buying power than a new company could not manage on their own. GAA members have access to a host of products offered by FP Marine Risk including cargo insurance, legal liability and Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance at rates not available on the market for a single buyer. A global contract with UPS also gives our members the opportunity to move documents and small packages reliably around the world for the lowest possible cost.

Reason three: Networking opportunities number in the thousands.

The Global Affinity Alliance will have their own annual conference, held every October. Our inaugural conference this year will be in Thailand. We also know that while meeting your fellow GAA members will be a tremendous opportunity, as we build our network there will be need for meeting companies with strong experience in other cities and countries around the world. For this reason, GAA members who attend our October conference will be given the opportunity to attend at no cost the WCA Family meetings in the Spring of 2016. For a new company to succeed, it is important to make connections. The WCA, and their unique one-on-one scheduler, lets GAA members meet other attendees from around the globe to create new opportunities.


The Global Affinity Alliance, a unique global freight forwarder network dedicated to new logistics companies led by experienced owners and managers, is actively and aggressively seeking new members. If you or a colleague believes that this is a network that is built for your company to grow your business, contact us today.


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