isa - independent shipping agencies, Germany and ARCA, Long Beach, California joined forces again in GAA Network

isa received the nomination for a complete plastic recycling system to Los Angeles from his counterpart in GAA Network Mssr ARCA World Logistics, to be shipped first 2 weeks in July. The biggest challenge was to get the space on the all time high booking situation at the carriers, in time. Total: 4x40FR ow/oh, amongst some OT´s and Boxes for smaller parts.

The demand of the customer was to truck the main machine, dims 1120 x 240 x 362cm (lxwxh) 20ts, from Austria to Germany (Loading port), requiring special road permit and security inspection after loading on truck at production place.

The given time frame was the key to success, as the German producer needed the space on his site urgently. Within one week, isa arranged the pick up of the entire cargo, positioned several containers everyday, and then picked up the OOG goods for the specials to be stuffed.

ARCA will take over the complete cargo and handle this up to their customer site and ensure smooth delivery.


isa GmbH, Hamburg is very happy to have performed this very time-sensitive project for our customer and fulfilled their requirements completely and on time. Furthermore, we and ARCA are happy to be a small part of the solution against worldwide plastic pollution.

For more information, please contact Lisa Hapanionek, isa GmbH: and Jessica Somera, ARCA:


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