isa – independent shipping agencies, Germany Ships Aluminium Profile System to Cotonou, Africa

isa received the nomination for a complete aluminium profile system production system to Cotonou. The complete new machine, dismantled, was packed in over 50 crates with a total weight of over 50ts and some even up to dimensions of 330m height, which had to be considered during pre-carriage ex Switzerland to POL Antwerp.

As all cargo had to be shipped in one go the only possiblity was on RoRo basis. So after all crates have been brought to POL, they needed to be placed onto bolsters, with respective lashings and survey for customer. As some of the cargo contained IMDG, the acceptance from the carrier was a kind of difficult to achieve, as due to the saftey requirements, they normally do not accept IMDG on RoRo. In the end, all docutments and packing requirements matched and we received a “go” for the IMDG.

The pre-carriage of 5 full loaded trucks, some carrying imdg, were a kind of tricky, due to the ammount of crates to be loaded on one day.

isa GmbH, Hamburg is very happy, that we´ve served the customer in accordance to his needs and requirements.

For more information, please contact Lisa Hapanionek, isa GmbH:


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