Global Affinity Alliance offering USD $500 credit for referrals that lead to new members

It is humbling to say that in the few short months we have been in existence, the Global Affinity Alliance now boasts 107 members worldwide. We welcome each and every one of those members, but know that we cannot rest until we have filled out the network with qualified, eligible companies who can grow the GAA into the network we believe it can be.


World Business Concepts

We know that the executives and owners of our member companies have industry friends around the world that they trust and want to do business with. Well, we want to encourage you to refer them for membership in the Global Affinity Alliance.

Successful referrals are worth a USD $500 credit to be redeemed one of three ways.

GAA so values the people that our members know and trust to refer to become members that if a company submits an application and is accepted, the referring member will receive USD 500.00 they can apply towards:

The only condition is that the referred company cannot already be a member of any WCA network or the Lognet Global network.

GAA membership comes with strong benefits both in and out of our network.

Remember that GAA members qualify for many benefits that can save money and protect them when doing business with their fellow members or other WCA network companies.

  • GAA offers a member-to-member financial protection plan that reimburses for qualified losses up to $50,000 between both GAA members and members of other WCA-managed groups.
  • Industry-leading coverage and rates for freight services liability, Errors & Omissions and cargo insurance.
  • Professional management and leadership from individuals and an organization dedicated to helping members connect and utilize the network to grow their businesses.

For more information or to apply for membership in the GAA, contact us immediately. We look forward to answering your questions and receiving your application.


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