Markets and Networks; Hedging the Volatility

As markets falter, being in GAA protects you. This week we saw a tremendous crash in the Chinese markets, two weeks after the Chinese government devalued the yuan by 3% to boost exports by lowering stock prices. Combining the crash with slowed growth in Latin America turns the logistics market trepidatious this year. A solid freight network provides safety for your company in four main ways.

  1. Member to Member Protection – Introduction, mediation, dispute resolution are some of the benefits of a freight network. When markets become unstable, GAA provides a base of issue resolution. You always have us on your side.
  2. Stability – Increased sales, thanks to increased exposure and alternate traffic routes comes from a stable network. When markets destabilize, your strong partnerships in GAA will bolster work load. Your trusted partners with GAA will keep you prepared in the face of a crisis.
  3. Communication – Networking, information gathering, partnering with other forwarders in GAA gives you a plethora of information. Our partners are the first to know when issues arise and their strong bonds to alternate houses all over the world provide real time access to information and explanations you can then pass on confidently to your customers.
  4. Increased Exposure – We are a broad and varied network of forwarders all over the globe and we connect a network of logistics together. That increase in exposure helps maintain work-flow, open new avenues of opportunity and compete on the global market. GAA helps you find partners and helps partners find you.

More often, independent logistics providers find it tough to stand alone in today’s market as they are competing with the larger firms and their abundant offices around the planet. While independents can thrive because of expert administration and familiarity with their specialty market, they can lack an acquaintance with a dependable or dynamic agent on the other side of the operation, especially in those markets as yet uncharted. A well-built network provides the backbone from which to build sturdy, mutually beneficial relationships where they are essential. The Global Affinity Alliance can help you build that network.