Gold Medallion Coverage Exemptions – September 1 update

The Global Affinity Alliance is proud of our member-to-member protection program that provides $50,000 coverage in network and $25,000 between the GAA and other WCA networks. However due to restrictions, sanctions or market conditions, we must make changes to our coverage policy.

As of today, our Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan coverage is suspended for transactions in Nigeria and Angola. These two countries are suffering from civil unrest that is so great it affects business and the daily lives of their citizens. We hope to someday lift these restrictions because it means that these countries are operating normally in the global marketplace and things are conditions are better for those living and working there.

As a reminder, we suspended coverage on February 15, 2011 to:

  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Somalia

Due to sanctions placed by the United States and/or the UN and the EU, there is no Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan coverage available for the following four countries:

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Cuba

For more information, you may view and download a fact sheet on this announcement here.

UPDATE, Feb 26, 2018 – Ban on Nigeria has been lifted. (lifted in 2015 when bank payment conditions improved in Nigeria.