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Vigonorte Cargo Lda. had become a member of the Freight Forwarders Association of Portugal (APAT)

The APAT’s Executive President, António Martins, and Regional Director, Inés Carneiro, just came to our office for delivering the membership diploma.  Read more »


GAA Updates

We have gone to a single daily broadcast highlighting not only GAA new member announcements, terminations, suspensions, and network news, but all the encompassing networks as well.  Read more »


Gold Medallion Upgrade, Increased Coverage

The current pandemic crisis has negatively affected many members in every world region. Delayed payments by shippers and consignees have inevitably led to unavoidable defaults on the part of cargo agents and this has imposed serious financial hardship on everyone.  Read more »


GAA 4th Annual Conference is one for the books!

GAA 4th Annual Conference is one for the books! The Global Affinity Alliance convened in Cape Town, South Africa this year for its fourth – and arguably its most successful – annual conference yet! Cape Town’s unique location made for an exciting, memorable networking conference that many will be talking about for years to come. “This was one of our  Read more »