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Global Affinity Alliance offering USD $500 credit for referrals that lead to new members

It is humbling to say that in the few short months we have been in existence, the Global Affinity Alliance now boasts 107 members worldwide. We welcome each and every one of those members, but know that we cannot rest until we have filled out the network with qualified, eligible companies who can grow the GAA into the network we  Read more »


GAA increases minimum requirements for Risk Managed designation

The Global Affinity Alliance has created a higher-tier of trust within the group, the Risk Managed Program. We have recently enacted changes to the program raising insurance policy requirements for companies who wish to participate and who are permitted to use and display the RM logo. The reasons for this change are two-fold. First, we wish to strengthen the program  Read more »


Global Affinity Alliance inaugural conference dates announced – October 18-21, 2015

The Global Affinity Alliance is proud to announce that we are hosting our inaugural conference later this year in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will be held October 18-21, 2015, at the Plaza Athénée Hotel. There’s only one “first” meeting, and it important that all GAA members attend for three key reasons. Meet your fellow founding members. Having only launched earlier this  Read more »


Three reasons to join the Global Affinity Alliance

he Global Affinity Alliance is the newest and most exciting and unique of global freight forwarder networks. New logistics companies looking to join a network should give first consideration to the GAA. There are three reasons that a company which is looking to join a global freight forwarder network should choose the GAA. Reason one: Financial Protection. Logistics companies in  Read more »