isa – independent shipping agencies, Hamburg, Seal Express, Bucharest, and Comark, Ljubljana Join Forces to Arrange Urgent OOG Cargo to Altamira

15 Sep, 2022

Seal Express, Romania (WCA Inter Global member) asked isa GmbH (GAA and WCA Projects member) for assistance in handling one urgent OOG piece to Altamira, Spain, with pick up ex-Romania, packing in Bremerhaven, and shipping on the pre-stuffed basis to Altamira.

The cargo was urgently required in Altamira, so the time frame was critical. The current shortage of truck drivers, space, and equipment availability added more pressure to this movement request.

isa Gmbh contacted the carriers and got a quick solution at an acceptable price, including the necessary equipment. After meeting together during a recent conference, isa asked Comark if there was any luck for a quick transport solution in sight. With a kind of “lucky shot”, Comark could offer a good solution for pick up within two days, which was a nice surprise.

Seal Express constantly checked with the customer if that short time frame would be possible, as a mobile crane had to be ordered.

In the end, we were able to provide the transport solution for the customer within only 3 days from the customer’s initial request until cargo pick up, and cargo will depart to Altamira for the receiver very soon.

This case is not about the cargo or big-size shipment but shows that under the umbrella of the WCAworld, three different network members (GAA, WCA Inter Global, and WCA Projects) coordinated seamlessly to make this possible.

This case clearly shows that for all WCAworld members who attend the conferences and meet with other members personally, there will be a day when you find the right partners in the right place at the right time.

isa GmbH, Hamburg is thankful for the trust brought from Sealexpress Logistics, Bucharest, and a big thanks to Comark, Ljubljanad for providing quick and reliable service.

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