Get to know JCL Oriental Logistics Ltd

22 Nov, 2022

JCL Oriental was founded by Chevy Shum, a well-known, well dressed, charismatic, diehard ARSENAL supporter in 2014. “Back then everyone was struggling in mid-size, corporate companies. Everyone was doing the same boring route work.  We wanted to untie the bottleneck and create a positive state of mind for the industry going forward.  Hong Kong was in a transition, and we felt like changing the perception of what a freight forwarder was and what they could do to be leading edge.”
JCL began with a few like-minded industry professionals from varying sectors of the freight world ready to make a mark on changing the idea of the mainstream Hong Kong Freight Forwarder. The concept came to be “JCL”, which is an acronym from the pronunciation of a Chinese phrase in both Cantonese and Mandarin, meaning “consolidating different ideas together for creating a new path.” The logo is a compass that represents the East pathway, the direction of the world, and endless possibilities.  JCL’s vision and future points east, encompassing the entire globe.  Their work and motto have proven remarkably successful for a small-to-medium size company that aligns their mission as their own.  Being part of a network allows JCL Oriental to keep their eye on the horizon, their hand on the rudder and steam forward towards mutual opportunities.    
The JCL team has a diverse background.  United in hunger and ambitiousness, with the drive to avoid being ordinary, they empowered themselves against traditional freight forwarders to evolve into a diversified and comprehensive logistics provider.  From general shipments air & ocean, domestic transportation & warehousing, into involvements of mail, aircraft chartering, e-Commerce, project, car shipping, break bulk, aerospace, critical, relocation, consolidation- basically everything within logistic solutions- they can fulfil and accomplish.
“We may never be able to compete with the multinationals when it comes to pricing or sheer size. But we are always devoted to brainstorming and finding solutions to contribute as a partner for winning any single business opportunity.” Chevy adds, “Along the journey, everyone including myself has encountered numerous tough moments. But we never lose faith in the good and decency of people. This spirit will carry us to the level where we aim to reach, to hopefully make everyone proud to become our partners.”


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