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T.B.L.: Through bill of lading

T.I.B.: Temporary Import Entry.

Tally Sheet: List of cargo, incoming and outgoing, checked by Tally clerk on dock.

Tank container: A container suitable for carrying liquids or powder.

Tare Weight: The weight of the container and/or packing materials only - excluding the weight of the goods inside the container.

Tare: The actual weight of the container only, without the goods.

Tariff: A general term for any listing of rates, charges, etc. the tariffs most frequently encountered in foreign trade are: tariffs of the international transportation companies operating on sea, on land, and in the air; tariffs of the international cable, radio, and telephone companies; and the customs tariffs of the various countries, which list goods that are duty free and those subject to import duty, giving the rate of duty in each case. There are various classes of customs duties.

TDC: Total distribution costs

TDW: Tons deadweight

Temperature Controlled Cargo: Any cargo requiring carriage under controlled temperature.

Terminal: A receiving point ie a freight station or a container yard.

TEU: Twenty foot equivalent.

Third Freedom Right: Where cargo is carried by an airline, from the country in which it is based, to a foreign country.

Time charter: The hiring of a ship from a shipowner for a period of time.

Time Draft: A draft that matures in a certain number of days, either from acceptance or date of the draft.

Title, Passing: The passing of title to exported goods is determined in large measure by the selling terms. For example, if an exporter sells goods c.i.f he may be presumed to pass ownership and tender of documents. However, he may ship on a bill of lading drawn to his own order, to prevent the buyer from gaining possession of the goods until the draft is paid or accepted. In this case he retains a security title to the goods; that is, a title for security purposes only, until the financial arrangement is carried out. Caution: depending on the laws of the buyer's country, you may not be able to force passage of title without payment having been received or the buyer having accepted delivery of the goods or a clear understanding by the buyer being understood and accepted.

TL: Truckload

Ton: Freight rates for liner cargo generally are quoted on the basis of a certain rate per ton, depending on the nature of the commodity. This ton, however, may be weight ton or a measurement ton.

Ton-Deadweight: Indicates the carrying capacity of the ship in terms of the weight in tons of the cargo, fuel, provisions and passengers which a vessel can carry.

Ton-Displacement: The weight of the volume of water which the fully loaded ship displaces.

Ton-Kilometer: Measure of airline freight capacity.

Ton-Registered: Indicates the cubical contents or burden of a vessel in tons of 100 cubic feet. The space within a vessel in units of 100 cubic feet.

Toplashing: Rolltrailers and cassettes are secured with webbing. One end is attached to the ceiling, the other to the underlayer

Tracking: A carrier's system of recording movement intervals of shipments from origin to destination.

Trade: A term used to define a geographic area or specific route served by carriers.

Traffic Conferences: Rate-fixing machinery operated by IATA.

Tramp: A tramp is a vessel that does not operate along a definite route on a fixed schedule, but calls at any port where cargo is available.

Transferable Letter of Credit: A letter of credit that allows all or a portion of the proceeds to be transferred from the original beneficiary to one or more additional beneficiaries.

Transport Index: The number expressing the maximum radiation level in a package of ULD.

Transshipment: The transfer of a shipment from one carrier to another in international trade, most frequently from one ship to another. In as much as the unloading and reloading of delicate merchandise is likely to cause damage, transshipments are avoided whenever possible.

Truckload: Truckload rates apply where the tariff shows a truckload minimum weight. Charges will be at the truckload minimum weight unless weight is higher.

Trust Receipt: Release of merchandise by a bank to a buyer for manufacturing or sales purposes in which the bank retains title to the merchandise.

TTC: Tariff trade code

Tugmaster: A tractor - often a four wheel drive - with a hydraulic trailer connection known as a ‘fifth wheel’ used to tow cargo on and off the vessels.

TURN: Trader unique reference number

Turnbuckle: A screw threaded device for tightening rods and chains and wire lashings

Turnkey Project: Capital construction projects in which the supplier (contractor) designs and builds the physical plant, trains the local personnel on how to manage and operate the facility and presents the buyer with a self-sustaining project (all the buyer has to do is "turn the Key").

Twistlock: Device for locking a container to the deck or to another container above or below. The locking var is fitted to the corner casting of the container and twisted with a handle.

Tynes: Another term for the forks of a forklift truck.


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