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"Ex": Signifies that the quoted price applies only at the indicated point of origin (e.g. "price ex factory" means that the quoted price is for the goods available at the factory gate of the seller).

E.A.O.N.: Except as otherwise noted.

EAR: Export after repair

ECE: Economic Commission for Europe

ECI: port Consignment Identifier

ECOFIN: Economic and Financial Affairs Council (EC)

ECPD: Export Cargo Packing Declaration

EDI or EDIFACT: Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport, from the UN-backed electronic data interchange standards body, to create electronic versions of common business documents that will work on a global scale. One digital document under consideration, the International Forwarding and Transport Message will do the jobs of six different electronic messages currently in use.

EFTA: European Free Trade Association

Empty Leg: Results from an aircraft primarily chartered outbound having cargo capacity inbound or vice versa. A cheap form of airfreight.

Endorsee: Person to whom a bill of exchange is transferred by the endorsement of a third party.

Endorsement in Blank: Commonly used on a bank check, an endorsement in blank is an endorsement to the bearer. It contains only the name of the endorser and specifies no particular payee. Also, a common means of endorsing bills of lading dawn to the order of the shipper. The bills are endorsed "For..." (see Bill of Lading, Order).

Endorser: One who endorses a bill, and thereby accepts liability for it.

ERP: Economic Recovery Programme for the cocoa industry in Ghana launched in 1983

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival.

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure.

ETS: Estimated Time of Sailing

EU: European Union

Eurodollars: U.S. dollars on deposit outside of the United States to include dollars on deposit at foreign branches of U.S. banks, and dollars on deposit with foreign banks.

Ex. B.L.: Exchange bill of lading.

Export Broker: The individual who brings together buyer and seller for a fee, eventually withdrawing from any transaction.

Export Declaration: A form to be completed by the exporter or their authorized agent and filed in triplicate by a carrier with the United State Collector of customs at the point of exit. It serves a twofold purpose:

  • Primarily, it is used by the U.S. Bureau of Census for the compilation of export statistics on United States foreign trade (for this reason an export declaration is required for practically all shipments from the United States to foreign countries and the United States possessions, except for mail shipments of small value, or for those of a non commercial character);
  • The declaration also serves as an export control document because it must be presented, together with the export license, to the United States Customs at the port of export. If the goods may be exported under general export license, this fact must be stated on the export declaration.

Export License: A document secured from a government, authorizing an exporter to export a specific quantity of a particular commodity to a certain country. An export license is often required if a government has place embargoes or other restrictions upon exports. See General Export License.

Export Trading Company: A corporation or other business unit organized and operated primarily for the purpose of exporting goods and services, or of providing export related services to other companies.

Express: Premium-rated service for urgent deliveries.

EXW: Ex Works - One of the thirteen Incoterms.

  • This represents the seller's minimum obligation.
  • The seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when he has made the goods available at his premises to the buyer.
  • He is not responsible for loading the goods on the vehicle provided by the buyer or for the clearing of the goods for export, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The buyer bears all the costs and risks in taking the goods frrom the seller's premises to the deired destination.


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