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G.R.Wt./G.W.: Gross Weight.

Gang: Group of stevedores usually 4 to 5 members with supervisor assigned to a hold or portion of the vessel being loaded or unloaded.

Gateway: Port of entry into a country or region.

GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, a multilateral treaty intended to help reduce trade barriers and promote tariff concessions.

GCBS: General Council of British Shipping

GCR: General Cargo Rate. The basic tariff category which was introduced to cover most air cargo now covers only a minority, the remainder being under SCR or class rates.

General Average: When damage to cargo on board a vessel exceeds carrier's insurance, carrier will release cargo only with an acceptance agreement to claim only a general percentage of all the damage sustained.

General Cargo: Any cargo that is not carried in a container or vehicle/machinery that can be loaded/discharged using its own power, e.g. palletised, bagged, bales, bundles, crates, etc.

General Export License: Any of various export licenses covering export commodities for which validated export licenses are not required. No formal application or written authorization is needed to ship exports under a general export license.

General Order: Government contract warehouse for the storage of cargoes left unclaimed for ten working days after availability. Unclaimed cargoes are auctioned publicly after one year.

GNP: Gross national product

Gooseneck: Devise for connecting a tugmaster to a mafi trailer. It is attached to the tugmasters 'fifth wheel'

Gross Weight: Entire weight of goods, packing, and container, ready for shipment.

Groupage: A container with cargoes from/for different shippers/receivers, i.e. containing more than one shipper’s cargo. Otherwise known as LCL (Less than a container load)

GRT: Gross registered tonnage

GSA: General Sales Agent acting on behalf of an airline. Usually Broker or Forwarder.


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