GLOBAL AFFINITY ALLIANCE (GAA) is a dynamic network, designed specifically to open up new opportunities for a range of companies - from the young and ambitious, to those that are more established and seek a close-knit and vibrant environment. All members are provided with the opportunity to grow, alongside the network, as a prominent early member.GAA provides a unique platform for its members to stand out from the competition, especially in highly saturated markets. Every member company of GAA is offered comprehensive financial protection, including when working with companies from affiliated networks - WCAworld and Lognet Global. In addition, members can take full advantage of the industry-leading benefits and programmes developed over the past two decades by WCA.

Brian Majerus, Director, Global Affinity Alliance

Brian Majerus, Director, Global Affinity Alliance Brian Majerus brings the unique experience of having spent the past nine years with the World Cargo Alliance, as well as having worked for ocean and air freight forwarders for more than a decade. Through experience on both sides of the fence, Brian knows what motivates forwarders to join a group and what they can expect from other group members. As Executive Vice President of Sales, Brian’s daily responsibilities included global agent recruitment and retention for the different networks that make up the WCA. Through his efforts, Brian has recruited the majority of the US agents currently members of the WCAworld networks. Brian is focused on making sure that GAA members are satisfied with their investments. He does this by facilitating member connections, promising fresh partnerships and by creating visibility through nominations. Supported by the value-added programs, back office and infrastructure of the WCA, Global Affinity Alliance is poised to give young and growing forwarding companies the chance to compete right alongside their larger, more established competitors.

World Cargo Alliance

WCA_logo Founded in 1998 by President David Yokeum as the world’s first worldwide non-exclusive network, WCAworld is neutrally managed and operated to truly benefit every member company. Over the past fifteen years WCA has continuously strived to add new, innovative and high-value membership benefits and it is this unique formula, combined with a dedication to excellence, that has enabled WCA to set new standards in the industry. WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, with over 5,645 member offices in 189 countries around the world. Dedicated entirely to providing world-beating benefits and networking opportunities to its members, WCA employs a full time staff of over 125 personnel based in eight member service and support offices around the world. WCA has grown rapidly to encompass a range of networks and specialized services and each of the networks has flourished, with the help of annual networking conferences where members gather to increase their business. Every member of every WCA network is also automatically covered by the most generous and extensive financial protection program in the industry. This allows your company to conduct business with other WCA members with complete security and peace of mind.