GLOBAL AFFINITY ALLIANCE (GAA) is a dynamic network perfectly designed to maximize opportunities. Mixing the well-established, seasoned veterans with sales-focused, aggressive younger companies give the GAA Network a mix not seen by any other global network.

All members have the same goal - creating opportunities through cooperation, friendships, and professionalism. GAA members are the perfect balance needed to dominate in an ever-growing competitive environment.

All GAA members have comprehensive financial protection, including working with companies from WCAworld. In addition, members can take full advantage of the industry-leading benefits and programs developed over the past two decades by WCAworld.


Global Reach 1-GLOBAL-REACH.png Global Reach Access to freight forwarder partners in 190 countries around the world Learn More
Networking Events 2-Networking-and-Events.png Networking Events Gather hundreds of members to work together every year Learn More
Financial Protection 3.FINANCIAL-PROTECTION.png Financial Protection Up to USD 3,000,000 per annum Learn More
WCAworld PartnerPay 4-WCA-Partnerpay.png WCAworld PartnerPay Gather hundreds of members to work together every year Learn More
WCAworld Academy 11-WCA-Academy.png WCAworld Academy Online and classroom-based training in various logistics topics Learn More
WCAworld Insurance 7-WCA-Insurance-Services.png WCAworld Insurance Simple, fast, and affordable logistics insurance solutions Learn More
Customer Service 6-Customer-Service.png Customer Service 10 support offices worldwide Learn More
All World Shipping (AWS) 8-All-World-Shipping.png All World Shipping (AWS) an U.S. FMC licensed NVOCC Learn More
Courier Program 9-Courier-Program.png Courier Program Discounted courier rates for US and Thai members Learn More
Marketing and Promotion 5-Marketing-and-Promotion.png Marketing and Promotion Graphic design, web development, branding and more! Learn More
Voice of the Independent 12-Voice-of-the-Independent.png Voice of the Independent The only global plication devoted entirely to the freight forwarding community Learn More
WCAworld Quotation System 13-WCAworldQuotation.png WCAworld Quotation System Transmit eAWB to over 10 airlines Learn More
WCAworld ICE 14-WCAworldICE.png WCAworld ICE Dedicated communication platform for members Learn More
WCAworld FX 15-WCAworldFX.png WCAworld FX Cost saving cross-border payments Learn More
ECO 16-ECO.png ECO The effects of climate change are being seen and experienced worldwide Learn More
FreightOscope 17-FreightOscope.png FreightOscope FreightOscope helps independent freight forwarders Learn More

With 1,137 member offices around the world,
you will find the right partner to handle your shipment.




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