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01 / Financial Protection Plan
Member to member protection of up to USD 100,000 within the network and USD 25,000 for cross-network transactions with WCAworld members. Financial reimbursement is awarded only after our professional staff has taken every possible action to collect directly on your behalf. Note that due to conditions in some countries, as well as US / UN / EU imposed sanctions on others, the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan is not available in some countries.
02 / ForwarderProtect
GAA’s ForwarderProtect insurance is a tailored product designed to protect members' businesses as well as their agent and clients. ForwarderProtect is purchased by freight forwarders and incorporates both Errors & Omissions (E&O) and legal liability coverage. As the world's first such online system, GAA's ForwarderProtect is far cheaper than any other comparable insurance policies and boasts as much as twice the coverage at half the premium cost. For more information, click here to visit World Insurance Services.
03 / WCAworld PartnerPay
WCAworld PartnerPay is unique platform that offers free banking transactions across multiple currencies. WCAworld PartnerPay is an online portal that makes managing receivables and payables easy and simple. WCAworld PartnerPay is accessible through your GAA memb ership; a benefit that will save you thousands a year managing foreign account settlements. For more on WCAworld PartnerPay including conditions and enrollment information, click here.
04 / All World Shipping (AWS)
All World Shipping (AWS) is an U.S. FMC licensed NVOCC headquartered in the U.S. with six regional support offices around the world. AWS is exclusively associated with, but independent of WCAworld, Lognet Global, GAA, IFC8 and EGLN. One of the important benefits of membership in a WCA network is being able to join AWS for free. As an AWS agent you can issue the globally accepted online AWS HBL to the U.S. and destinations worldwide, file AMS with U.S. Customs in our system and utilize the net rates in our 16 service contracts.
05 / Cargo Insurance
GAA is proud to offer cost-effective cargo insurance specifically designed to fit the unique needs of its member companies. Cargo insurance is designed to cover the value of your customer's cargo and, as a result protects you, the freight forwarder, from potential cargo claims. GAA offers insurance programs for all types of cargo, whether it be traveling by sea, land or air, anywhere in the world. To log into the World Insurance Agency portal, click here.
06 / Professional Management
The Global Affinity Alliance is managed, supported and backed by professional, paid staff members who monitor and respond to member needs. Some associations are led by members on a volunteer basis and are only as good as the amount of free time their leaders can contribute. Member inquiries, requests and concerns are of priority to GAA's staff of professionals. Staff members are paid to provide service and support as their first job, not their last. Contact us.
07 / Conferences
GAA hosts one annual meeting and thanks to the WCAworld’s One-on-One scheduler, in-conference meetings can be arranged weeks or months in advance. GAA members, who attend the annual meeting, are given the opportunity to attend the following year’s WCA meetings and are encouraged to schedule appointments with conference attendees for even greater exposure to partners and opportunities. Learn more.
08 / WCAworld Online Solutions
As a GAA member you have access to WCAworld Online, a suite of online resources available for you and your clients. Solutions include electronic AWB data exchange, air and ocean tracking, customized web development and mobile solutions.
09 / Cyber Liability Insurance
Imagine this, two larger agents owe you a lot of money and as you start your collection efforts both agents report they’ve already paid you! They submit copies of bank wire transfer slips proving that the funds had been sent… but you never received it! So, who got the money? Forwarders and brokers who trade across borders and exchange funds between agents and government agencies are prime target for theft and identity pirating. Save your company from financial and reputational ruin by getting Cyber Liability Insurance.
10 / FAQ
GAA has developed a sophisticated marketing and PR facility as an added benefit for all members. Designed to promote the unique services of individual GAA member companies across a range of multimedia industry outlets, GAA’s experienced team of industry media experts can help you maximize your profile and impact. Marketing and promotional support includes website design and hosting, graphic design support, logo and branding creation, marketing advice, advertisement opportunities and social media management.
11 / WCAworld Academy
Your online portal that provides access to a wide range of educational and training resources and courses designed specifically to enhance your business. We offer both elementary and advanced Education, Training, Guidance, Compliance, and Protection
WCAworld Information Controlled Environment (ICE) is a FREE members-only platform that allows you to post rates, information, and requests to other members across the network. Receiving multiple emails from fellow members promoting their services, rates, or other information can become a time-consuming nuisance, and this is where ICE steps in. This allows each company to find information quickly and communicate directly with other members and massively reduce the amount of unsolicited emails.
13 / WCAworld Quotation System
WCAworld Quotation System is a FREE member-only platform that allows you to send and receive RFQs with fellow members worldwide. Detailed RFQs allow partners to prepare accurate quotes that minimize the potential for cost overruns on any services that don't meet your requirements. WCAworld Quotation System is very easy to use, helps you get an accurate quote faster, cuts down on the back-and-forth emails, skips the member verification process, and avoids the payment term problems.

Member Conduct

The Global Affinity Alliance is committed to the highest level of professionalism and honesty between members. Prospective members will be required to sign a document stating adherence to the group’s code of ethics.

Members of the GAA are expected to:

  • Support fellow members to the fullest extent possible.
  • Use mutually agreed upon contracts written agreements whenever possible.
  • Settle payments in the same currency quoted and/or invoiced within the agreed period of time with the agreed-upon time period. Sender is responsible for bank fees unless otherwise agreed.
  • Actively sell for mutual growth and provide bona fide sales leads.
  • Respect other members’ existing customer bases and confidential business data.
  • Refrain from back solicitations.
  • Maintain sufficient levels of staffing to provide the highest possible service.
  • Avoid illegal activities and abide by the laws and regulations imposed by the countries of import, export or transshipment.
  • Respond promptly to all communications and rate quotation requests.
  • Honor reimbursement requests from other members.
  • Report delinquencies and disputes between members to GAA leadership.
  • Support the GAA’s participation in dispute resolution by providing relative and necessary documentation.
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