Meet the Global Affinity Alliance, a unique global freight forwarder network

businessman holding sign welcome My name is Brian Majerus, and I am pleased to introduce you to the Global Affinity Alliance, a global freight forwarder network unlike any other.

Logistics is a growing field, and new companies are opening every day. These companies are led by talented people, many of whom spent years learning the industry at different or larger firm and found themselves without a job after a merger or who just feel capable of managing, owning and operating their own company.

These are the kinds of companies we want within the GAA.

New companies need networking and access to resources to grow and succeed. They can benefit from global contracts for sea freight and courier services. Because they are new and not fully established, they may not have access to the financial protection and insurance and risk services of their larger, more longer tenured competitors.

Global Affinity Alliance is seeking members with experienced leaders and owners committed to growing their businesses through traffic into and out of their respective markets while needing to find and establish partnerships in new countries and markets.

The Global Affinity Alliance is backed by the World Cargo Alliance, the largest independent network of forwarders in the world. GAA members will have access to the same programs as WCA members, including financial protection when doing business between members not just of GAA, but other WCA general and specialty networks as well.

We will hold annual conferences, the inaugural one of which will be in Thailand in October, 2015. As a way to encourage and expose GAA members to additional networking opportunities, members who attend the GAA meeting in October will be eligible to attend at no additional registration cost the WCA family meetings in the Spring of 2016.

I encourage you to please look around the pages of this site. We plan to expand it over time to share new members, feature existing members, and deliver news about new products and services.

Our FAQ page answers many of the questions about the cost to join, the benefits of being a GAA member and the support and opportunities that exist.

If you are interested in membership in the Global Affinity Alliance, please fill out this form and I will personally contact you to discuss the opportunity.