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GAA’s Sold Out Conference is Huge Success.

GAA’s 3rd Conference is Massive Success The Global Affinity Alliance convened in Amsterdam this year for its third, and incredibly successful, annual conference. The event sold out months in advance making it difficult for late-registrants to find a spot. Likewise, many WCA members found themselves on an ever-growing wait list where they hoped to gain entrance to the young networks conference  Read more »


Ocean Alliances – Safety in numbers

In a concentrated effort to avoid the future calamity that came with the 2016 collapse of Hanjin, the seventh largest ocean carrier in the world, other carriers have come together to consolidate the four original ocean alliances into three. By doing so, 2M, THE Alliance, and Ocean Alliance*, will hold more than 77% of global container capacity and 96%  Read more »


Why choosing a network like GAA can boost your business

The tagline, “membership has its privileges,” has been cemented into our minds by many a credit card company. Fact is it’s actually a very true statement, especially in regards to the Global Affinity Alliance and its many, un-matched member benefits! In our last post about the reasons you should choose to be part of our network, we discussed our insurance  Read more »


Eurogate announces Wilhelmshaven will welcome OCEAN Alliance

Eurogate announces that Wilhelmshaven, Germany’s only deep-water port, will welcome six further container shipping lines in April 2017 to include Hamburg Sud, Hyundai Merchant Marine, and the newly-formed shipping alliance OCEAN Alliance. Wilhelmshaven offers recognizable nautical advantages for the ever-larger vessels serving between Asia and Northern Europe, especially given the unprecedented scale of change due to intensifying consolidation between shipping  Read more »